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 Mar 23 2012 6:24 AM

We are currently migrating an existing implementation of PDFMerger to Azure.

Some questions:

1. Can PDF merger be used inside azure?
2. As I understood from a college, the license key is generated based on the server name which is not possible in Azure (dynamic server name). Any guidance on this?

 Mar 23 2012 9:47 AM
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator
Hello Bart,

Yes, DynamicPDF Merger for .Net can be used inside an Azure application. There are two different license models available for Merger product - Server or Developer.

With the Server license you would need to generate a license key based on the server name and included the license key within your application to remove the watermark on the PDFs. The server licensing will not work for Azure as the server name does not remain constant. In such cases you would need to go with a Developer license where the license key is not dependent on the server name. More info on these two license models are listed here.

ceTe Software Support Team.
 Mar 26 2019 10:23 AM
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator - Commonly asked question
Beginning with v10, a cloud license key can be created for Server licenses as well through our Customer Area.

ceTe Software Support Team

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