Only table to be extracted from pdf file and save it on the memory

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Hello Everyone,
              From last one month onwards I'm trying to extract only table  data from the pdf file and save it on the memory.I tried with number of ways, but I didn't get exactly how to extract table from pdf.
  Suppose pdf table consists of 2 pages.In both the pages we have some text and tables.My question is to extract only tables from both the pages and save it on memory.Both the tables should save separately.It should not merge.Help me in this task.
Thanks in advance,
Sandeep Ch
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator
Hello Sandeep,

You can extract the text of an existing PDF at page level or document level using  version 7 DynamicPDF Merger API and documentation for the same can be found here.

Also please note that it is not possible to extract the contents of table element alone from an existing PDF using any of our DynamicPDF products.

ceTe Software Support Team

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