DynamicPDF returns "write-only" error.

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We use our own Windows Service to handle printing via DynamicPDF. We have many printers installed on our print server, all of which work fine. But we recently added some new Kyocera ECOSYS P4060dn printers and when attempting to print to these recently added printers, the following error sometimes occurs;

'The printer, \\MIMEO\POOL-4060-2, could not be opened.This value is write-only.'

We have not been able to determine any pattern as to when the error occurs; sometimes printing is successful, but most of the time not.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Greg Swope
DynamicPDF.Printing.NETFramework40 - Runtime Version v4.0.30319, Version
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator
Hi Greg,

The printer, \\MIMEO\POOL-4060-2, could not be opened error indicates that this could be a permission issue.  Our product is just catching this exception from the print spooler or server and passing it on to the client application.

You will need to have sufficient permissions set to the printer to print the documents with the user account under which the application is running.

Also, since the same application is working fine with other printers there could be printer driver issue as well.

If you continue facing an issue, then please send over following information to support@dynamicpdf.com so we can look into it further.

1. Simple console application or code sample which uses static data to recreate the error.
2. Sample PDFs.
3. Printer details: printer driver version and a link to download respective printer driver (to test on same environment).
4. Full error message along with stack trace(including error code).

ceTe Software Support Team

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