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 Aug 26 2022 8:41 AM
I load PDF documents from a Byte() array into the  PdfViewer with the code below.  I would like to determine if quoteDocument is already loaded.  Is there a property to get the loaded PdfDocument so I can do a comparison?  Such as Me.MyPdfViewer1.PdfDocument?

    Private Sub DrawQuoteDocument(quoteDocument As Byte())
        If quoteDocument IsNot Nothing Then
            Dim pdfDocument As New PdfDocument(quoteDocument)
        End If
    End Sub
 Aug 26 2022 1:21 PM
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator

If you are loading the PDF directly in the Open method of a PdfViewer object using a file path, then you can retrieve the file path using FilePath property of it.

string str = pdfViewer1.FilePath;

There is no option available to get the PDF back from a PdfDocument object of DynamicPDF Viewer API.

ceTe Software Support Team

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