Version 2.0 (Latest Build v2.03)
   New Features
  • Added support for .NET Standard 2.0. (v2.02)
  • Added support for subscription based licensing. (v2.01)
   Bug Fixes
  • Throws a meaningful exception when the data does not fit in PDF417 barcode. (v2.03)
  • Aztec.HasOverflowAztec property is obsolete. Instead use Aztec.GetOverflowAztec() method and check for a null object to find whether overflow exists. (v2.0.2 Build 34972)
  • Includes the ability to set subset (A, B and C) for Code128 barcodes. (v2.0.1 Build 33649)
  • Initial Release. (v2.0.0 Build 33180)
   Version 1.0 (Latest Build v1.0.1.30674)
   Bug Fixes
  • Memory issue while generating GS1 barcode has been fixed. (v1.0.1 Build 30674)
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect width and height are being set for DataMatrix barcode. (v1.0.1 Build 30674)
  • Resolved an issue with setting SymbolHeight for Postnet barcode. (v1.0.1 Build 30674)
  • Several UPC barcode bugs are fixed. (v1.0.1 Build 30674)
  • Fixed an issue that is effecting RowHeight property of StackedGS1 barcode. (v1.0.1 Build 30674)
  • New exception classes added InvalidFormatException, InvalidSizeException. (v1.0.1 Build 30674)
  • Performance improvements. (v1.0.1 Build 30674)
  • Initial Release. (v1.0.0 Build 30331)

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