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 Apr 21 2016 4:51 AM

how adding the elements in the toolkit box in visual basic 2013 if i work in a Project for 64 bits?

I try select elements of toolkit box adding


and display that isn't posible load c:\programa files(x86)\cetesoftware\dynamicpdf viewer v2.0.0 for .NET\bin\cete.dynamicpdf.viewer.40.x64.tlb

 Apr 21 2016 11:43 AM
Posted by a ceTe Software moderator

If you have installed the DynamicPDF Viewer for .NET product using the product installer then the Viewer control will be added to the toolbox of the Visual Studio IDE. You can just drag and drop this viewer control on the Windows Form.

Visual Studio’s designer cannot open any 64-bit form control (since the Visual Studio IDE is a 32-bit process). Because of this, whenever you attempt to open the design view of a Windows Form application that contains a reference to the x64 version of the DynamicPDF Viewer assembly, Visual Studio will throw an error and fail to open it. You will need to reference the 32-bit edition DLL file and for working with Viewer control in Designer mode. Once the application is complete and ready for deployment then you can just replace the x86 DLL with respective x64 DLL file and build it. This Visual Studio issue is documentation here.

We do not provide ceTe.DynamicPDF.Viewer.40.x64.tlb file for DynamicPDF Viewer for .NET product. We have a different PDF viewer for COM platform called DynamicPDF Viewer for COM/ActiveX for which we provide an .ocx file.

ceTe Software Support Team.

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