DynamicPDF Converter v3 Released

by James B

Thu, September 24 2020, 9:21 AM (US Eastern Time)

DynamicPDF ConverterNow updated to v3, DynamicPDF Converter is available for download. This new release removes the Windows service that runs in the background and allows downloading DynamicPDF Converter directly from NuGet.

DynamicPDF Converter supports the following features,

  • converts most major file types to PDF (including Office and HTML),
  • supports multi-threading for faster conversion,
  • allows appending while converting a file to PDF,
  • has an intuitive and flexible object model,
  • and has transparent pricing.

DynamicPDF Converter for .NET allows any .NET developer to convert over 50 document types to PDF dynamically, including

  • MS Excel,
  • HTML,
  • MS Powerpoint,
  • TIFF,
  • MS Word,
  • and many more.

DynamicPDF Converter is intuitive, efficient, and integrates seamlessly with DynamicPDF's other products. And plenty of documentation and examples are provided, including the following examples.

DynamicPDF Converter is available via our Pro, Pro Plus, or Ultimate subscription plans. For more information, refer to the DynamicPDF Converter product page.

For more information: www.dynamicpdf.com, sales@dynamicpdf.com, or 1-800-631-5006.

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