Convert PDF to BMP

Use DynamicPDF Rasterizer to efficiently and easily convert any PDF to a bitmap (BMP) image.

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Converting a PDF to Bitmap

Follow these steps and sample code example to convert a PDF file to Bitmap images.


  1. Create a PdfRasterizer object instance using the source PDF document.
  2. Call the Draw method by specifying the file path to save the image, the image type as bmp, and the image size as Dpi96 (96 DPI).

Sample code - C#

PdfRasterizer rasterizer = new PdfRasterizer("doc-a.pdf");

rasterizer.Draw("output.bmp", ImageFormat.Bmp, ImageSize.Dpi96);

GitHub Project

Clone or view the example project at GitHub. This example on this page is in the PdfToImageRasterizerExample.cs file.

Clone or View Example Project on GitHub

Getting Started

The NuGet package and an example project are provided to get started.

NuGet Package

DynamicPDF Rasterizer for .NET is on NuGet with package ID ceTe.DynamicPDF.Rasterizer.NET.

NuGet Package ID: ceTe.DynamicPDF.Rasterizer.NET

Install directly in Visual Studio using the NuGet Package Manager.

DynamicPDF Rasterizer Information

For more information, refer to the online help documentation.

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