Add Template to PDF (.NET Core/Framework)

Adding Template to PDF using DynamicPDF Generator is simple and easy. Templates are used to automatically add Page Elements to all the pages in a Document or section. You can add a Template, Even / Odd Template and Header Footer Template.

How to add Template to PDF in C#

Below are the steps and sample code to add an Template to PDF document using the Generator product.

Steps for Adding Template to a PDF Document

  1. Create a Document object.
  2. Create a Template object.
  3. Add the required Page Element to the Template.
  4. Assign the Template to the Document.
  5. Save the PDF document.

Sample Code - C#

Document document = new Document();
Template template = new Template(); // You can also use EvenOddTemplate or HeaderFooterTemplate based on the requirement
template.Elements.Add( new Label( "Header", 0, 0, 200, 12 ) );
document.Template = template;

Over 75 Page Elements

DynamicPDF Generator contains over 75 page elements so you can add rich content to the PDFs you create:

  • Images
  • Text Objects (TextArea and Label)
  • HTML
  • Barcodes (47 types)
  • Form Fields
  • Charts

Getting Started

NuGet Package

DynamicPDF Generator is available on NuGet and is part of the ceTe.DynamicPDF.CoreSuite.NET package. The Core Suite package includes Generator, Merger and ReportWriter.

NuGet Package ID: ceTe.DynamicPDF.CoreSuite.NET

DynamicPDF Generator Information

More information can be found here:

Available in other platforms

DynamicPDF Generator is available for the following platforms. Refer to the respective product pages for more details.

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