Stamp PDF (.NET Core/Framework)

Adding image stamp to PDF using DynamicPDF Merger is simple and easy. A tempalte with the Image can be created that can then be used to stamp the PDF

How to add an image stamp to PDF in C#

Below are the steps and sample code to add image stamp to PDF document using the Merger product.

Steps for adding image stamp to PDF

  1. Open the PDF using MergeDocument.
  2. Create a Template with an image.
  3. Apply the stamp template to the pdf.
  4. Save the watermarked PDF document.

Sample Code - C#

MergeDocument document =  new MergeDocument(@"C:\Doc Needs Stamp.pdf");
Image image = new Image(@"C:\Stamp.png", 0, 0);
Template stampTemplate = new Template();
document.StampTemplate = stampTemplate;
document.Draw(@"C:\Stamped Output.pdf");

Getting Started

NuGet Package

DynamicPDF Merger is available on NuGet and is part of the ceTe.DynamicPDF.CoreSuite.NET package. The Core Suite package includes Generator, Merger and ReportWriter.

NuGet Package ID: ceTe.DynamicPDF.CoreSuite.NET

DynamicPDF Merger Information

More information can be found here:

Available in Other Platforms

Merger PDF Library is available for Java and COM/AxtiveX platforms. Refer to the respective product pages for more details.

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