Generate PDF Report (.NET Core/Framework)

Automated PDF report generation can be done using DynamicPDF ReportWriter product. Reports can be created from JSON data, business objects or a varity of data sources including Sql Server, Oracle or MySql databases.

How to Generate PDF Report

DynamicPDF Designer is used to create a PDF report template (DLEX file) and the ReportWriter lays out the data to create the PDF report. DynamicPDF Designer is a free tool that allows the creation of a report templates.

Steps to generate PDF report

  1. Create a DocumentLayout object using a DLEX file as a template.
  2. Create a NameValueLayoutData object and add the necessary data.
  3. Call the Layout method on the DocumentLayout to create a Document object.
  4. Invoke the Draw method on the Document to save the PDF.

Sample Code - C#

var jsonData = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject("ReportData.json");
DocumentLayout layoutReport = new DocumentLayout("SimpleReportWithCoverPage.dlex");

NameValueLayoutData layoutData = new NameValueLayoutData();
layoutData.Add("ReportCreatedFor", "Alex Smith");
layoutData.Add("Products", jsonData);

Document document = layoutReport.Layout(layoutData);

Getting Started

NuGet Package

DynamicPDF Generator is available on NuGet and is part of the ceTe.DynamicPDF.CoreSuite.NET package. The Core Suite package includes Generator, Merger and ReportWriter.

NuGet Package ID: ceTe.DynamicPDF.CoreSuite.NET

GitHub Example Project

Clone or view the example project at GitHub. This example is is the Examples/CreatePDFReport.cs file.

Clone or View Example Project on GitHub

DynamicPDF ReportWriter Information

More information can be found here:

Available in Other Platforms

DynamicPDF ReportWriter PDF Library is available for COM/AxtiveX platforms. Refer to the product page for more details.

Why Choose DynamicPDF?

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Lots of Features
  • Easy to Use
  • Great Support
  • Efficient Performance
  • Product Maturity (Over 18 Years)
  • Free Evaluation
  • .NET Core Support (Most Products)
  • Flexible Licensing

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